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Lip Blushing - Stretch Mark Revision - Permanent Makeup Removal



Lip Blushing

This procedure is completely customized to create the look and feel you desire

Lip Blushing one of the most desired services offered in our studio. 

The procedure is performed using the best top of the line lip pigments found in the market today which provides our clients the luxury of being able to choose a very natural look as well as the opportunity to bring in their favorite lipstick or inspirational photos so color mix and provide our clients he look they desire.

Image compare before and after Woman legs and buttocks with stretch marks removal treatmen

Stretch Mark Rejuvenation

This procedure is completely customized for each client to ensure natural-looking results.

Stretch Mark Rejuvenation is a service that uses controlled micro abrasions to the stretch marks while depositing a combination of professionally sourced organic oils and vitamins into the dermis layer of your skin. NO INK IS USED DURING THIS PROCEDURE.

The results will show improved cellular turnover, reconstruction and rejuvenation of the area treated which will result in improved stretch mark texture and decreased overall size and visibility of the the stretch mark.  More often than not the stretch marks can be fully eliminated depending on the size, color and texture of the treated area. Each persons case is different and the results and number of treatment varies case by case. 

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mircoblading removal

Microblading Removal - PMU REMOVAL

Stop wasting time by settling for unwanted results. Take the plunge and remove those unflattering brows

Saline Microblading Removal is a non-laser service that uses a saline solution which is implanted into the skin. This tattoo removal procedure is a great alternative to laser tattoo removal for eyebrows that have been overly saturated by previous eyebrow microblading, ombre and powder brows as well as small body tattoos or over lined lip blushing previously done.

A complimentary consultation is recommended and can be done in person or via zoom call.

Disclaimer: **Multiple treatments may be required for desired results. The number of treatment varies on a case by case basis.

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