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Raechelle - Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

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Hi this is me Raechelle, Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, and Beauty Enthusiast. I am also the proud owner of Duece Ink Studio located in Huntington Beach, California.


Coming from the building and vacation industry i've always had a strong passion for design and beauty. I fell in love with PMU  during my first microblading experience and I knew this was something I wanted to do. While watching my daughter enter into this industry first as an esthetician and lash technician is when I decided to transition my career and join her in following her passions. Today we both own our own studios side by side. 


Being a client for many years in the beauty industry I saw first hand how much confidence is gained by transforming the features I already had. Now as an artist it gives me great pride in helping others by passing that confidence down while helping them emphasize the beautiful features they already posses.

I am an internationally trained artist with a strong passion for lip blush and color mixology.


Please check out the services offered in my studio at Duece Ink located in Huntington Beach California.

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