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Lip Blushing is one of the hottest new trends within the beauty industry and is why you may have seen the tremendous amount of 

images, videos and reels flooding social media by social media influencers, celebrities and permanent makeup artists alike.  

Lip Blushing has taken the front seat as one of the most requested permanent makeup treatments available today with the more known eyebrows closely following in second place. 

Today permanent makeup has evolved over the years and  into a very sought after high demand premiere service for beauty enthusiasts looking to stay up on the trending market and making their beauty rituals simpler on a daily basis. 

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There are many myths surrounding the permanent makeup industry which would take too much detail to address so let's look at some of the facts that you should know and  understand prior to booking your lip blush treatment. 

Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo that is performed by implanting a specially designed pigment into your lips using a pmu tattoo gun. 

Lip Blushing can last anywhere from 18-24 mos depending on your lifestyle. Some of these examples would be direct sun, whether you wear sunblock and how well you care for your lips after they have been blushed.

A touch up can help you maintain your desired color by giving your lips a refresh which is most commonly done on a yearly basis to maintain the vibrancy of your lip color.

One of the most asked about questions we receive for lip blushing is "Will this make my lips bigger?" This is a very multi dimensional question and it depends. Every client is a different case. 

It is very common for clients to have lost some of the color along the borders of their lips and in this case we are able to fill in those areas with color which in return makes the lips bigger. However we do not overline lips nor tattoo outside the vermillion border and we do not advise you to seek this elsewhere as the color heals differently on facial skin than it does on our natural lip skin and would be highly visible and undesirable. 

Also by filling in the entire lip areas with color it will elude to a more vibrant and fuller lip area. The difference will be very appealing and highly noticeable unless you opt for a watercolor which will then simply be your natural lip color but enhanced to cover the entire lip area.

One of the many benefits is how lip blushing can provide a better version of your lips and even alter the shape of your lips in many cases. The cupids bow is one of these areas where we can enhance the shape of your lips creating a more desired shape to your lips.

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Now lets talk about COLOR!!

Choosing your color is the second most important decision you will need to make when having your lips blushed. (the first is choosing the right artist to perform the service).

One of the easiest and best ways to show your artist the color you desire is to bring in a your favorite lipstick that you are wanting to implant.

The second way is to bring in a few photos of your lipstick choice. Your lip artist can custom mix the pigments to come as close as possible to your lipstick choice.

The lip blushing session is pretty easy for our clients. We make every effort to keep them comfortable and relaxed during the treatment session. If a client has sensitive lips we can apply extra numbing to give them the added comfort that they need. 

Bringing earphones to your appointment can be another added layer of comfort by bringing in your own playlist you are able to tune everything out until your treatment has been completed.

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If you'd like to see some of our work please visit our portfolio page where you will find a various amount of lip examples where we feature the before and after photos of our clients. Some of the examples will show the various degrees of cases we come across with hyperpigmentation, pale lip color, and pigment loss along the borders of the lip areas. 

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